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Sabah Kaiser

Ethnic Minority Ambassador to the Inquiry - Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA)

In February 2019, Sabah accepted the role of Ethnic Minority (EM) Ambassador to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, IICSA, a position that takes her around the country engaging with stakeholders and survivors and speaking at events and conferences.

Within her role, Sabah acts as a specialist consultant to the Inquiry in its remit to investigate institutional failures into child sexual abuse, specifically ensuring that its engagement is fully representative of all diverse communities and hears from, and is accessible to, all sections of our society.

For the past 18 months Sabah has worked closely with the Inquiry’s Engagement Team, engaging with ethnic minority communities, in order to understand such cultural barriers that exist which may prevent victims and survivors from coming forward, accessing services and sharing their account. The aim was to gain an understanding of the barriers that individuals from ethnic minority communities face, when making a disclosure of child sexual abuse, and how their ethnic background may impact this.

Her experience with the engagement team has reinforced Sabah’s understanding that the ethnic minority population can struggle to engage fully with English protection and support services due to the belief that there is a lack of understanding about the complex dynamics within a culture which can be heavily governed by religion, and often misunderstood.