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Carly Adams, National Coordinator - CSA&E Prevention Programme, The Children's Society (invited)

  • Supporting children to understand exploitative behaviour, improve resilience to online grooming and develop knowledge of healthy relationships
  • Building awareness of the core signs and characteristics of CSE and assessing how concerns can be effectively reported
  • Collaborating with communities and businesses to identify risks to children
  • Exploring the next steps in delivering an evidence-based public health approach to CSE focusses on wellbeing, behaviour and education around these issues

Dr Holly Gordon, Development and Impact Manager, Protect and Respect Child Sexual Exploitation Service NSPCC (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the extent of CSE crimes and the progress in responding following the Real Voices: Are they being heard? report
  • Assessing the challenges in tackling complex exploitative relations, peer on peer abuse and victims who are also offenders
  • Understanding system wide issues in supporting coordinated multi-agency responses and exploring how effective information sharing can support collaborative interventions
  • Analysing when early help is required for children who frequently go missing, are involved in criminal activity or are engaged in anti-social behaviour
  • Discussing practical steps and actionable solutions which can enhance prevention

Ann Coffey MP, Author, Child Sexual Exploitation in Greater Manchester Report and Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Runaway and Missing Children (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the challenges posed by Online Child Abuse Sexual Activists Groups (OCAG) and how police forces should deal with these groups
  • Exploring the issues caused by OCAGs in conducting poor investigative practices and undermining evidence-led police cases
  • Evaluating how police forces can demonstrate the impact of their investigations and the scale of prosecutions to prevent the growth of activist groups
  • Analysing how to ensure high quality safeguarding for abused children discovered by OCAGs

Assistant Chief Constable Dan Vajzovic, Lead for Online Child Sexual Abuse Activist Groups (OCAG), National Police Chief's Council (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the roll out of the Child Protection–Information Sharing (CP-IS) system in supporting effective multi-agency responses for children on protection plans
  • Embedding the voices of victims and lived experiences within the delivery of the Sexual Assault and Abuse Service Strategy
  • Exploring the next steps in enhancing safeguarding training and awareness for all frontline NHS staff
  • Understanding how healthcare professionals can successfully spot signs and raise concerns when in contact with children at risk of sexual abuse or exploitation
  • Analysing the role of an effective healthcare response for victims of CSE

Kenny Gibson, Head of Safeguarding, NHS England (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing how to maximise the impact of frontline safeguarding services with growing demand amounting to over 400,000 children identified as in need
  • Evaluating how child protection professionals can meet the NICE Quality Standard on Child Abuse and Neglect in recognising, assessing and responding to child abuse
  • Exploring the latest trends and support in enhancing skill development and improving outcomes for vulnerable children at risk of CSE

Celean Camp, Director, Association of Child Protection Professionals (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing findings and research from across sectors in developing high quality practice which delivers the best outcomes for children at risk of CSE
  • Assessing how safeguarding professionals can successfully profile risk and identify vulnerable children in order to support targeted interventions
  • Evaluating the performance of operational delivery and gaining best practice through effective monitoring exercises, benchmarking and ‘health checks’ of child support services
  • Exploring how professionals can reduce risk through addressing potential perpetrators and tackling locations which have facilitated child abuse

Bina Radcliffe, CSE Response Unit Safeguarding Lead, NWG Network (CONFIRMED)

Sharing learning from Barnardo’s experience of co-developing a framework that responds to the potential and actual multiple and complex harms children face in familial and contextual environments.

Amanda Naylor, Assistant Director for Impact and Lead on Child Sexual Abuse, Barnardo's (CONFIRMED)

*Please note the final part of the day will divide into dedicated breakout streams for Local Authorities, Police and Education

*Programme subject to change