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Introducing the IG Schools Child Safeguarding Learning Subscription

The IG Schools Child Safeguarding Learning Subscription offers a new way to learn about effective child safeguarding practices for all school staff. 

Access on-demand video workshops, downloadable learning resources, discussion sessions, interactive polls, all on one platform and updated weekly.

Sign up for a free 30 trial to see how this subscription will benefit you and your school.





It was my first time attending and I found the whole event insightful and a valuable opportunity to network.
Child Sexual Exploitation Coordinator, London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council
Interesting and useful speakers - given us a lot of ideas on how to move forward organisationally to tackle the issue of CSE in a more robust way as there is still a long way to go.
Children's Services Practitioner, NSPCC
I felt that it was a very well organised Conference. The speakers were passionate about their role which was apparent within their presentations.
Designated Safeguarding Lead, Hopewell School
Great day -  useful, relevant information and a forward thinking agenda
Quality Development and Compliance Manager, Lancashire Constabulary
Excellent variation of speakers from different agencies giving insights and shared knowledge from across the field.
Safeguarding Sergeant, Thames Valley Police

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Conference: The Online Experience

  • Live Q&As with sector leaders
  • Match-making networking and live meeting scheduling with delegates
  • Replay functions so you never miss a session
  • Live chat, questioning and polling tools
  • Real time resources and presentations
  • Dedicated discussion groups to network and collaborate with peers through the day
  • Next generation conference engagement platform
  • Real solutions, ideas and answers for all sectors working to tackle CSE
  • Varied formats and screen breaks to support an engaging experience
  • Post-event resources to facilitate implementation of key takeaways

Booking FAQs

Can I make a provisional booking?
Unfortunately we do not accept provisional bookings, and all bookings are subject to our terms and conditions. However, we would be happy to take your details and give you notice before an event sells out, should you wish to book at a later date.

Can I book without a purchase order number?
Yes you can. Simply email [email protected] with the PO number as soon as you have it.

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